Norav Stress Test Advanced Software - Unit/Measure - Each

Norav Stress Test Advanced Software

Part #: SOFT-S2

Manufacturer: Norav

Units of Measure: Each




• Prints during test at user request and automatically on plain
• Acquisition, display and analysis of all 12 leads
• Display and print out of ST measurements/trends + ST Slopes
• User defined J point. Controllable during study
• Blood Pressure entrance. Manually or add on controllable
• Heart Rate achieved/expected display and trend.
• Display of 12 beats averaged or enlarged single beat
• Save full disclosure study on disk and Post Processing
• Standard protocols: Bruce, Balke, Ellestad, Kattus, USAFSAM.
• Unlimited User Programmable Protocols.
• Automatic control of treadmills, ergometers and blood pressure.
• Oxygen Uptake and METS estimation.
• Super Imposition display of averaged QRS during study.
• Distance in KM or MILE