Symmetry Pro-120 Multi-Pupose Electrosurgical Generator - Unit/Measure - Each

Symmetry Pro-120 Multi-Pupose Electrosurgical Generator

Part #: A1250S

Manufacturer: Symmetry Surgical, Inc.

Units of Measure: Each




The affordable solution for the busy physician office or surgery center. Capable of most monopolar and bipolar surgical procedures and packed with dependable safety features, the Aaron®1250U™ satisfies your physician’s surgical demands with safety, reliability and convenience. Five output settings: Cut (120W), Blend (90W), Coagulation (80W), Fulguration (40W) and Bipolar (30W) Modes. Easy-touch color-coded membrane pads located on the front panel. Rotary power-control dial. Standard equipment includes the unit with power cord, reusable handpiece, five disposable active electrodes, reusable dispersive cord, five disposable dispersive electrodes, and operator's manual.