When a Rapid strep throat test is performed it will determine whether a patient's sore throat is viral or bacterial. Every year 15 million Americans see the doctor for sore throat and 70 percent of them get antibiotics to treat it, according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America. When a Rapid Strep A Test shows a negative result for bacterial infection, it reduces "unnecessary" antibiotics prescriptions written by physicians.

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Quidel Quickvue+® Strep A Test
Part #: 20122
Lifesign Status Strep A Plus
Part #: 34250
Clarity Pack Vial Strep A Rapid Test
Part #: CD-STP50V
Sekisui Ultra Strep A Test
Part #: 149
Sekisui Strep A Test
Part #: 141
Alere Strep A Dipstick Test Kit
Part #: 4581225020
Alere Strep A Rapid Test Swabs
Part #: 050000-KAA100A
Alere Strep A Test Kit
Part #: 730-025
Pro Advantage Rediscreen Strep A Test
Part #: P080033