Welch Allyn Binocular Indirect Ophthalomoscopes & Accessorie - Unit/Measure - Each

Welch Allyn Binocular Indirect Ophthalomoscopes & Accessorie

Part #: 12500-DY

Manufacturer: Hillrom

Units of Measure: Each




The padded headband has well-padded leather contact points and "swooped" design provide maximum comfort and viewing stability. Easy to adjust for a secure fit. The ergonomically designed controls with its convenient, durable design provides simple operation land protection against accidental drops. The full-time safety filter protects your patients against UV and IR hazards. The mirror tilt control optimally synchronizes illumination and viewing paths. The sealed optics has vital optics and mirror assemblies are sealed against dirt and dust for enhanced viewing and durability. The IPD control can adjust to handle interpupillary distances of 48mm to 75mm. The soft tilt park/rest feature allows optics to be moved to a stationary position out of your line of vision and eliminates risk of damage to eyeglasses or optics when returning them to use. The halogen light source is one of the brightest, longest-lasting lamps available in a BIO (average lamp life 100 hours). The optional diffuser filter broadens the illumination beam for enhanced viewing of the peripheral retina. The precise aluminum chassis protects optics and keeps components in precise alignment.