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A fully stocked inventory of surgical supplies can help in protecting the lives of hundreds of patients every month. When a hospital or surgical facility has immediate access to the vital surgical supplies they need, they are better equipped to help care for their patients and meet their needs. Doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, and caregivers all require various sorts of surgical and hospital supplies to complete their duties in the most efficient way. When looking for health care products for your office, your coworkers, your patients, or yourself, it is important to choose products that not only increase the efficiency of your facility but are safe, easily sterilized, uncomplicated, high quality, and easy to care. Improve performance in your ambulatory surgery center with Lynn Medical’s catalog of high-quality surgical supplies that includes skin prep materials, IV drains, solidifiers, drains, bite blocks, suction devices, and a range of surgical instruments.

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Busse Custom General Biopsy Tray
Part #: A8489-1