To keep up with the evolving Urology market poised for high-growth, Lynn Medical provides high-quality supplies that advance the quality of patient care and offers solutions to treat a range of incontinence and disorders. With the ever-changing consumer lifestyle that is more active and social than ever before, our manufacturers have designed products that offer better comfort, convenience and discretion. We recognize that many people who uses our products is on a distinct, and often challenging, life journey. In every aspect of the service we provide, our overriding goal and commitment is to make a difference in that journey. Our product catalogue supports the urological needs of healthcare providers in addressing patients with spinal cord injuries, post-operative conditions, enlarged prostate, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. These products are designed to help in the safe functioning of the urinary system. Browse our selection of catheters, drainage bags, foley catheter trays and kits, and specimen collection containers from major manufactures that our clients trust.