Medical adhesive tape is available in many different types for a variety of medical applications, including cloth, paper, waterproof, micropore, and pressure sensitive. It is commonly used in emergency medicine and first aid to hold bandages, gauze, or other dressings in place over a cut, abrasion, ulceration or surgical incision. At Lynn Medical, we carry the medical tape products you need to secure bandages and dressings from top brands.

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Pro Advantage Transparent Tape - Unit/Measure - Box
Part #: Pro Advantage Transparent Tape
3M Durapore Surcigal Tape - Unit/Measure - Box
Part #: 3M Durapore Surcigal Tape
3M Micropore Paper Surgical Tape 12 RL/BX, - Unit/Measure - Bag
Part #: 3M Micropore Surgical Tape
Pro AdvantageĀ® Cloth Surgical Tapes - Unit/Measure - Case
Part #: Pro Advantage Cloth Surgical Tape
Pro Advantage Paper Tape, - Unit/Measure - Pack
Part #: Pro Advantage Paper Surgical Tape
3M Blenderm Surgical Tape 2In X 10Yd
Part #: 1525-2
3M Durapore Tape 2" X 10 Yds
Part #: 1538-2