Stress & Holter Electrodes

Electrodes are a vital element in patient monitoring and testing procedures. Stress electrodes are available in numerous combinations of size, adhesive strength, backing, and packaging options, typically worn during exercise with the need to stretch and allow for perspiration. At Lynn Medical, we offer a variety of electrodes, monitoring electrodes, disposable ECG electrodes, and more.

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Con Med Clear Tape Electrode - Unit/Measure - Box
Part #: Conmed 45Mm Clear Tape Electrode
Vermed Foam Solid-Gel A10091 Metal Snap Electrodes - Unit/Measure - Case
Part #: Vermed Foam Solid-Gel 1.375 Metal Snap Electrodes
Vermed Metal Snap 1 7/8 Clear Tape Elect
Part #: A10026T-60