Hypodermic Needles

A Hypodermic Needle is a hollow injection needle used to deliver substances into the body or extract samples from the body. These needles are used to help reduce contamination since its surface is very smooth which germs in the environment from getting trapped on the surface, and it is also extremely sharp which helps in creating a hole of a very small diameter. At Lynn Medical, our ultra-thin, pharmaceutical grade medical needles and syringe/needle combinations are perfect for IV injections and many other professional applications.

80 Products

B-D Safety Eclipse Needle 23G X 1
Part #: 305782
B-D Regular Bevel Needle 23G X 1
Part #: 305145-BX
B-D Spinal Needle 20G X 2 1/2 Black
Part #: 405074
B-D Safety Glide Needle 18G X 1 1/2
Part #: 305918